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Chief Instructor

Experience & Certifications

 Designated Marksman Course (Top Team)
 Master Instructor, Close Quarters Battle
 Close Quarters Battle Course (Advanced Combat Marksmanship/Dynamic Entries and Assaults)
 FBI Firearms Instructor Training
 NRA Tactical Handgun Instructor Development
 NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Tactical
Instructor for Tactical Handgun
 NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor Development
 NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
(Patrol Rifle)
 LA SWAT Close Quarters Battle/ Firearms

Firearms Training Incorporated


Founded: 2018

Owner: Aaron Coulby

Certifications: NRA, MDSP QHIC, DCMPD


Areas of expertise:  Small Arms, Tactics, and Instruction. 

Take the Next Step!

 Applied Low-light Skills Course (Tactical use of infra-red and visible light)

 Special Tactical Services 36 Hour Instructor
Development Course
 Sergeant’s Course (Honor Graduate)
 Infantry Unit Leader’s Course (Honor Graduate)
 Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Career Course (Leadership Award)
 High Risk Personnel Course (Concealed Carry)
 Blackwater Three Day Tactical Carbine Course
 Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques Master
 Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor

 Glock Certified Armorer


Twenty Years experience in the Marine Corps Infantry, including Anti-Terrorism Units, Close Quarters Battle, and the Urban Warfare Training Center. 

Company Profile

Whether you've never touched a gun before or have had years of experience we'd like to help you start or renew your lifelong journey with firearms.

Take the next step toward your desired, or required, licensing, or just come out to meet  people with shared interests.

Experts will tell you there's something that can be learned from everyone you meet in the firearms community. We hope you'll join us at a course in the near future to see why.